Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Jessica Paxson

From Jessica Paxson: Encompass (warm) overlay mode 100%, veiled (cool) overlay mode 53%. (Removed some texture from her face).

From Jessica Paxson: Cornered (warm) soft light 100%, hope chest (warm) overlay 44%.

From Jessica Paxson: I used brood (cool) in lighter color mode and again in soft light.  I used my eraser on low opacity and erased over the texture on parts of her face, body, and around her. 


From Jessica Paxson:  Hope chest (warm) in soft light mode at 36%, stipple (warm) in softlight mode at 100%.

All images appear courtesy of Jessica Paxson Photography.
To see more of Jessica's work, please visit her Facebook Photography page.

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