Thursday, April 10, 2008

Featured Artist

I've been wanting to introduce a Featured Artist section here on my textures blog for some time and I'm super-excited to be able to finally get it started.

There are some amazing artists utilizing my textures in their work and they inspire me, and I felt that they would also serve as an inspiration to you. These artists use my textures differently than I do (and frankly, often better), and I wanted to create a gallery to showcase their amazing work.

This gallery is not designed as a before / after or to share the Featured Artist's processing secrets. Please do not contact the photographers asking for tips and information (unless they are a professional mentor or workshop provider, and then, of course, by all means sign up for their services and ask away)!

My sister, Gina Kolsrud is an amazing photographer and artist. She inspired me to start taking photographs and continues to make my jaw drop whenever I see her work. When I decided that I'd like to do an artist spotlight, I knew that I wanted to profile her first.

Gina creates the most magical blend of natural and ethereal... Her work is incredibly emotional and free. She has a signature style and an eye for composition, light and color that is truly awe-inspiring.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do :-)  If you want to see more of Gina's work, please check out her photography website.

Rumble from JD Texture Pack  Two

Adagio (warm) and Star Spangled Blur from JD Illumination Textures

Chocolate (warm) from JD Illumination Textures

Murmurs from JD Texture Pack Four

Topaz (cool) from JD Illumination Textures


  1. LOVE! I think your first choice is perfection :).

  2. she is amazing.. You both work magic with these textures... I'm always impressed.

  3. just gorgeous.. I have always been a fan of Gina's work.. and was blown away when I found out you guys were sisters.. you are both incredibly talented..

  4. I second what .E said. I had no idea you two were related but have been an equal fan of both of you. The talent surely runs strong in your family.

  5. I am a big fan of both of your work! These images are beyond gorgeous! Your are both sooo incredibly talented!

  6. Stunning! I'm a big fan of Gina's!! She certainly rocks your textures too!!

  7. They take your breath away!! Amazing talent.