Monday, March 25, 2013

March Photo Contest: Go Green Winners & Honorable Mentions

This month's theme was "go green".  Maybe you decided to stay simple and highlight this great color, or perhaps you took a more poetic approach.  Either way, there were some amazing examples of what "going green" means to you, and I'm proud to honor a few of them here.  As usual, you people did not make it easy on me to choose just 10 images, so much so that I am posting 11 this month.  Seriously, if you don't see your photo here, please don't be discouraged.  I saw something unique and beautiful in each and every entry, and these 11 listed below are the end results of much contemplation.  That being said, please take some time to admire your fellow contestants' work:

Top Vote Winner (1,212 Points):

Our "People's Choice Winner" who received the most votes in the photo contest was Cora Edwards of Cora Edwards Photography.  This photo is entitled "Keeper of New Life" and was edited entirely on an iPhone!  Cora comments, "There is a small handful of people who have decided Photoshop wasn't challenging enough (note sarcasm) so we embarked on creating art on our phones. There aren't many of us. You can find most of us on Instagram. For me personally, it's the challenge of attempting to use my phone just as I would Photoshop.  For this particular edit I added the ivy, the greenery around the whole photo, made her dress red, and finally added the textures. It sounds a lot easier than it actually was. It took me two days to complete. Editing on a 3" screen can be quite tedious. No stock photos were used at all. The ivy is mine, as well as the model. There is no sentimental story that goes along with this photo, except to say that when I edited this I imagined this woman guarding the secrets of Spring. Tender shoots springing up, green ivy creeping 'round, driving out winter with life and oxygen. Green is life, energy, and the hope of things to come."  Cora used "Late Moss" and "Pastoral" and will receive a bag of her choice from Epiphanie Bags plus a $100 JD Textures Store Credit.  Congratulations, Cora!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Contestants are allowed to win the "People's Choice" portion of the vote contest only once.

Judge's Choice Winner:

This month's judge is Jennifer Pinkerton of  Jennifer Pinkerton Photography.  Jennifer is a fabulous photographer originally from Texas, now hailing from Nebraska.  She specializes in natural light portraiture and has quite a knack for highlighting the individual beauty of her subjects.

Jennifer's choice was this photo entitled "The Thinking Tree" by Liz Jeary of Liz Jeary Photography. Liz used the texture"Sublime" and she will receive $80 from Wrapped by Robin Lane and $70 from Norisada Boutique, plus a $100 JD Textures Store Credit.  Congratulations, Liz!

March Contest Honorable Mentions

Artist's comments: "I titled this Frozen. It reminds me of how Spring and Summer eventually do follow Winter. All of the thawing.  If I had picked a quote to go with it, it would definitely be this: 'In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.' - Albert Camus."

by Joanne Ellen of Josephiney Photography
Texture used: Shroud

"Go Green"
Artist's comments: "For me this image became about us all putting out trust back in the universe and nature to provide what we need from our good and healthy thoughts… so get positive thinking!!
The girl in this image is my daughter, Lilly and Jessica's textures are absolutely what turned this image into life for me..  I used Moss in two different lights, overlay and soft light, also Cathederal in soft light and then pinlight.  Loved this title, playing with light and Jessica's work is such an inspiration!"
by Maria Shickle of Maria Shickle Fine Art Portraiture
Textures used: Moss, Cathedral

"Catch Me If You Can"
by Judith Krasinki
Texture used:  Distressed

"What Will Be Left"
by Adriana Varela of Adriana Varela Photography
Textures used: Depression Glass (cool)

"Let It Grow"

 by Krista Vanden Bosch
of JeniB Photography
Texture used:  Shattered, Chocolate

"Looking Up"

Artist's comments:  "Found this awesome wallpaper in a public restroom.  Took an instagram picture of it.  Knew I had to go back with my daughter and my real camera.  Had to promise a donut for her compliance.  Well worth it!"  

by Kate Parker of Kate Parker Photography
Textures used: Ryder

"Spring Goddess"
by Jordana Gango of Jordana G. Photography
Texture used: Boxy, Daybreak, Marked

"Big Green Tractor"
by Beth Coble Eckstein
Texture used:  Goldenrod

by Katie Huff of Katie Huff Photography
Textures used: Genesis, Starry Night

"Woodland Wanderer"
by Lisa Prystash of  Willow Hollow Photography
Textures used:  Elixr, Pastoral

by Auburn Wendover of Auburn Wendover Photography
Texture used:  Late Moss

A big thank you to all who participated.  One of my favorite things about these contests is seeing each artist's view on a theme, and this round was certainly no exception.  With each month that passes, the entries just seem to get better and better, and I can't tell you how much it touches me that you all are taking the time to participate, and with such gusto!  Let's have three cheers for our vendors this month, Epiphanie Bags, Robin Lane and Amanda Norisada: Aren't they fabulous?  If you haven't already, please take a few minutes to browse their pages and admire their beautiful work, and maybe even leave a nice comment or two :).  Hip-hip, hurray!  Hip-hip, hurray!  Hip-hip, hurray!


  1. some absolutely outstanding art there! wow!!

  2. Hip hip hurray in deed!!! Amazing work guys... adore "let it grow" and "catch me if you can"... you all rock!!! Over the moon and back to be featured here! Thank you! xx

  3. wonderful collection of winners and honorable mentions.... I especially like "catch me if you can" if I may say so.

  4. They were all gorgeous! Keeper of New Life was awesome! I enjoyed the challenge. :)