Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Metamorphosis Contest: Winners and Honorable Mentions

April's theme was "Metamorphosis", and you guys really offered up great interpretations. Many of you decided to highlight your own personal transformations, while others showed the simple beauty of nature unfolding.  We also saw a lot of love from mothers out there, showcasing the amazing transformation from childhood to adulthood in their kids, as well as the opposite:  Children capturing images of their parents in their later years.  All entries had really interesting and unique voices -- thank you all so much for participating.  Check out the winners and honorable mentions below!

Top Vote Winner (3,504 Points):

Our "People's Choice Winner" who received the most votes in the photo contest was Jessica Estes with her entry "The Child Inside of Us".  Jessica comments, "My submission is my take on how an adult would like to morph back into an innocent child at times. It shows that there can still be a little bit of child in all of us."  Textures used: "Thread" and "Halo".

IMPORTANT NOTE: Contestants are allowed to win the "People's Choice" portion of the vote contest only once.

Judge's Choice Winner:

"The Miracle" by Erick Claytor of Erick Claytor Photography
Textures used: Chocolate and Toffee  
Here's what Erick had to say about this piece: "This is Chris, he was born with a rare and incurable disorder called, Chronic Pseudo Obstruction Syndrome or "paralyzed stomach." For 16 years Chris was fed via a feeding tube and during those years he endured 13 surgeries... his parents were told on more than one occasion to prepare for their son's death! Being a father myself, I cannot even begin to comprehend all that Chris and his parents went through... however, God had a plan for Chris and on Nov. 6, 2011 He healed him from his disorder which mystified his doctors! Now after 16 years of being fed by a feeding tube, he now eats "everything" with no problems! With his arms raised to heaven showing his love and thankfulness to God, he shows his scars on his stomach, clearly displaying his metamorphosis... transformation... his miracle!"
 Both Erick and Jessica will receive a prize package that includes:

$300 to Bad Sass Backdrops
$100 to the JD Textures store

Congrats, guys!!! :)

Top 10 Honorable Mentions:

(Please remember - to be considered for an honorable mention, you MUST add your photo to my FB wall (even if you already entered the contest).
"Dust to Dust"by Krista Vanden Bosch
Textures used: Star Dust

 "The World is Ready" by Adriana Varela of Adriana Varela Photography
Textures used: Pocket

 "Unveiled" by Tonya Wilhelm of Wilhelm Photography
Textures used: Uneven, Daybreak, and Debased

"Girl" by Sarah Gates of 24 Feet Photography
Textures used: Uneven and Last Hope

"Learning to Love My Body" by Caitlyn Blake of Wild at Heart Photography
Textures used:  Chocolate, Enigma, and Bad Film 

"My Angel" by Shannon Thompson of Angel Eyes Photography
Textures used: Mysterious Sky and Fog  

"With the Tides" by Beth Ann
Textures used: Edited with Glory

"Metamorphosis" by Amy Stickel of Photography by Amy Stickel

"Fly Away" by Catherine Griffiths Auger of Vanilla Tree Photography
Textures used: Downpour, Dark World, Glory, Antique Finish, and Birds 1-4.
"Dandelion" by Auburn Wendover of Auburn Wendover Photography
Textures used: Breath, Encompass, and Mist

As always, thanks to all who participated.  This was a really fun theme for me, and I loved seeing the changes in your lives, in the lives of your loved ones, and in your perspectives.  Getting an inside look on how you interpret your world is a real treat for me, and I am grateful to all of you.