Monday, October 28, 2013

October Contest and Photo Challenge

 Winners and Honorable Mentions 

In honor of Halloween, October's challenge was all about the clothes.  We asked you to pretend you were shooting something for Vogue, to get a little funky in the fashion realm.  Here are the wickedly creative results:

Top Vote Winner (486 Points):

"Apothic Red"

Maggie Mayper of Mag Pie Photography

Used: Fault

  NOTE: Contestants are allowed to win the "People's Choice" portion of the vote contest only once.

Judge's Choice Winner:

"Trashed Wedding Dress"

Marcus Heilemann

Used: Fog, Snowy Day, Rain Fall
Congratulations!   Maggie and Marcus will receive:
$50 to
$150 to the JD Textures store

Top 10 Honorable Mentions : 


Christina Humphreys

Used: Harper

"Rustic Honey"

Amy Hodges

Used: Distant Cloud Overlay

"Remembering Tehya"
Dawndra Budd

Used: Aged

"Playing with Fire"

Adelyn Baber

Used: Fawn, Dusk


Victoria Caverhill

Used: Distressed, Whistler, Trespass


Kali Placencia

Used: Pacific
"Tasteful Desire"

Sarah Clements

Used: Stormy Sky

"Ice Queen"

Tom Valdez

Used: Glaze, Murmur

Catherine Auger

Used: Mist

Dina Haggerty

Used: Encompass, Last Hope

This month's entries were so much fun to browse; thank you guys for pushing your creative minds and putting some amazingly unique images out there.  I say it every time, but please know that it was hard for me to select just ten images to honor with all of the beautiful work to choose from.  

Coming up soon . . .

November Contest:
You called it.  November's theme asks the traditional questions, "What are you THANKFUL for?"  But don't get too cozy.  We're adding a twist.  To be truly thankful, you require the proper PERSPECTIVE.  For this photograph, play with different perspectives.  As you capture those items for which you're most grateful, can you do so with unique angles?  How high or low can you shoot?  What sort of framing can you play with?  Could you add reflections?  Get creative!  (Running Nov. 18th - 22nd).

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