Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Photo Contest: Winners + Honorable Mentions

June's challenge asked you to glean inspiration from other artists. You showcased a great diversity of artist inspirations. It was exciting for me to see the work shared. Thank you so much for participating by submitting your work and by voting for your favorites.

Top Vote Winner (1004):

Our "People's Choice Winner" who received the most votes in the photo contest was Angela Sipes of Angela Sipes Photography with her entry "Fiery Field" I actually just shot and edited this before the contest.  Angela says, "I wanted to find a pretty field and lots of open skies to use the cloud overlays on.  This was definitely inspired by you, Jessica Drossin.  I definitely borrowed some of the depth and drama that is your amazing work."  

(P.S. From me: Thank you. I am extraordinarily honored.)

Product used: "Stormy Sky" Cloud Overlay

  NOTE: Contestants are allowed to win the "People's Choice" portion of the vote contest only once.

Judge's Choice Winner:

Textures used: Harper

Hether comments, "This was inspired by the paintings of John Waterhouse. The model looks a lot like his dark haired model that is in a lot of his paintings. I used a texture of my own and your Harper JD Texture on top of the image."

$50 to
$200 to the JD Textures store

Congrats :)

Top 10 Honorable Mentions (12 this month): 

(Please remember - to be considered for an honorable mention, you MUST add your photo to my FB wall (even if you already entered the contest).

Textures used: Suede

"Birth of a New Light" by Angel Allen
Textures used: Snowy Day

 "Wasser Frau" by Eva Duve Creel
Textures used from Illuminations
Textures used: Fog and Light Beams

"The Horizon" by Leslie Lusk
of Leslie Lusk Photography
Texture used:  Harper

"Ballerinas on Stage" by Mona Karheema
Products Used:  Force of Nature Actions

"Quiet" by Jordana of Jordana G. Photography
Texture used: Chocolate

"Untitled" by Amber Carbo Privizzini 
of Privizzini's Passion Photography
Textures used: Fog, Snowy Day #1 + #2, Ice #3, Snow #3
"Untitled" by Kate Parker of Kate T. Parker Photography
Texture used: Translation

Texture used: Dark World

"Untitled" by Kristen Vanden Bosch
Textures used: Pools, Chocolate

"The City" by Karen Griffin of Karen Griffin Photography
Products used: Light Beam 3, Grace, Rain 6, Rainbow 6

Great job, everyone.  You continue to impress me with your ability to express yourselves with such artistry.  I'm so honored to have you participating in these contests, and glad for the opportunity to get inspired by you!  Keep it coming! 

My inspiration this month: Sven Nykvist, considered by many to be one of the world's greatest cinematographers. Specifically, I was inspired by his work years ago in the film "The Unbearable Lightness of Being".

Processed using Light Beams and Fill in Peachy & Pop Contrast Action from Force of Nature, Pack 2: Light Effects. Plus hand edits using new tools I'm working on.

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