Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July Photo Contest - Winners and Honorable Mention

July's theme was a tough one.  For many of us, being behind the camera is much more comfortable than being in front of it, and I congratulate you all on taking this risk.  It was particularly beautiful to witness how you all see yourselves, to be able to understand you a little better by looking through your eyes.  Thank you for offering your vulnerability to our community and giving us a peak into your core.

Top Vote Winner (509 Points):

Our "People's Choice Winner" who received the most votes in the photo contest was Adelyn Baber with her entry "She Waits".  Adelyn says that this piece was "inspired by the time apart from my husband who was in Afghanistan." 

Textures used:  Suede

  NOTE: Contestants are allowed to win the "People's Choice" portion of the vote contest only once.

Judge's Choice Winner:

Our judge's choice winner was Krista Vanden Bosch with this entry entitled "Hidden".  Krista comments,
"July Self Portrait - honestly, hardest month yet not because of lack of ideas, but because *I* had to be the model. I made this a personal challenge to not use liquify at all, but use posing and shadows instead. It made it easier to not look at the camera as well. The main idea behind it was to kind of be hidden and blend in with the field, since that is what I like to do myself . I also didn't want it to look like I shot this in my back yard, but have it be a place that could be anywhere in the world."

Textures used:  Extreme

Congratulations, ladies!  Krista and Adelyn will receive:

$50 to
$150 to the JD Textures store

Top 10 Honorable Mentions : 

(Please remember - to be considered for an honorable mention, you MUST add your photo to my FB wall (even if you already entered the contest).

"Rounding Out" by Lesley Morgan
Textures used:  Harper, Encompass, and a light flare

"Time Worth Sparing" by Caitlyn Blake
Textures used: Arisen, Sublime, Stained Canvas, Light Beam 2

"Self Portrait" by Tina Monique Keen
Textures used: Extreme, Murmurs, Sublime

"Untitled 2013" by Brianna Ramos
Textures used: Murmurs

"Pensive" by Carrie Kizuka
Textures used: Drifter

"Untitled" by Auburn Wendover
Textures used: Wind, Last Hope, Snow 4

"Here I Am, Turn the Page" by Jill S. Klicman
Textures used: Bramble, Light Leak 14

"Untitled" by Lindsey Gutierrez
Textures used: Force of Nature

Textures used: Dark World, Atlantic, & Sketchbook

"Air Raid" by Marcie Dawn Pagliaro
Textures used: Star Spangled

A million thank you's to those who participated.  This was by far one of my favorite contests I've hosted yet - so much depth and sincerity in these images.  What a lovely bunch you are.
Stay tuned for next month's challenge - "Different World"!

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